Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Overall Results

Paul and I wanted to thank Kevin, Tim, Arieanne, Joy, Taryn, John and Brittany for their Participation in our 8 week Performance Program. We were inspired by your progress and dedication to the program and the confidence gained though fitness and nutrition. These athletes focused on a few primary lifts, metabolic conditioning and gymnastics skills specifically the Pull-up. They started with a 3 week lifestyle challenge fixing a few factors and then followed it with 4 weeks of addition to the training in the gym.  Below are a few stats and amazing progress made. Congratulations. 

Back Squat 255 -270
Push Press 145-160
Power Clean 170-185
Lost 9.3% body fat
Lost 3 Pounds
Increased lean body mass by 8 lbs

Back Squat 235-265
Lost 7% body fat
Lost 2 Pounds
Increased lean body mass by 19 lbs

Back Squat 245 - 315
Push Press 155-185
Power Clean 135-180
Lost 6.4% body fat
Lost 3 Pounds
Increased lean body mass by 10 lbs

Tim H
Power Clean 190-205
Lost 4.4% body fat
Lost 8 Pounds
Increased lean body mass by 5 lbs

Back Squat 118-155
Push Press 83-95
Power Clean 83-100

Back Squat 135-150
Back Squat 165-200
Push Press 115-130

Sunday, November 9, 2014

Progress and Results

EMOM for 10 Minute - SPRINT
then directly into
3 Rounds for time of:
12 Back Squats 
12 Pull-ups

Tim 9:09 (185#/green) - previous 11:10
Kevin 10:43 (135#/blue) - previous 11:50 (thicker band/green)