Monday, October 20, 2014

Week of 10/20


*Strict Banded PU
5 Sets to Failure.
90-120sec rest between sets.

*Push Press
Work up to a Heavy Single

*Back Squat 
6x2 80%+5lbs
w/2 sec Pause in Bottom.

*Sled Pulls
4 Sprints
50-75 Meters
Increasing in Weight.
Head to Head Races.


*Kipping practice
(10 min)

*Clean Deadlift + Power Clean
8x1 80%+10lbs

*Back Squats
10x2 To Box

*Barbell Hip-Ups

*Station Rotation
3 Rounds
1 Min Stations.

2 Min rest between rounds.


*Total of 20 Kipping Pull-Ups (Skill and Strength, NFT)

*Clean Deadlift + Power Clean
6x2 80% +10lbs

*Russian KBS 4x10
*Run 400m
Rest 60 Seconds
Run 800m
Rest 90 Seconds
Run 800m
Rest 90 Seconds
Run 400m

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